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Food for the Poor & Kay Lee Designs - two Houses for the pRice of ONe!

Food for the Poor was named by The Chronicle of Philanthropy as the largest international relief and development organization in the nation.  They feed millions of hungry people in many nations.  In addition to feeding them, however, they also house them.   This is where we (and perhaps you!) come in.  

Kay Lee Designs has partnered with Food for the Poor to bring housing to those desperately in need in Haiti.  The country of Haiti is the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.  That status, combined with the terrible devastation from the 2010 earthquake, means that  thousands of people in Haiti are living in extremely difficult situations.   Food for the Poor has committed to building housing for these most in need. 

Kay Lee Designs has committed to building a house with Food for the Poor for every house that we renovate and sell here in the US.  So every time you buy one or our houses, you are buying one for a Haitian family as well.  We'll even send you the photo and thank you letter we get for that particular family in your honor.

Below you will find some of the families helped by our Atlanta customers already. 

Click here  to learn more about Food for the Poor and the great work they are doing.